Yes, it’s true. At least it is for me. In my view, each of us possesses, both inside and outside, all that’s needed to be happy, to develop and follow our own Way. Everything that happens has, as its ultimate aim, to facilitate our evolution. Anyone who knows me knows that I was born in Uruguay, in a middle class family, and that until the age of nineteen, I did not miss anything.

ser-felizI studied in private schools, I attended English classes at age eight, I always had designer clothes and I went on vacation almost every year. When I was twenty , however, and my father died, within a few months the economic situation of my family collapsed. Thus, in 2002 , I decided to emigrate to Italy leaving behind my old life. I remember perfectly that I got in the “Bel Paese” with $500 in my pocket and puffy eyes because of all the tears that I shed during the journey. A few years later, however, my mother died and, given my precarious economic situation, I could not even attend her funeral – at that time I was in the province of Viterbo.

To make it short, and not bore you with a story that is neither more nor less interesting than yours, in two thousand and twelve I decided to leave my Italian boyfriend – with whom I had been living for ten years – and move to Turin to do what I wanted to do, namely to develop my own online business and work as a Coach. I was completely alone, with nine hundred Euros in my pocket and scared by the uncertain outlook. Nevertheless, in my heart I was convinced I had everything I need to do it again, even though a part of me was trying to make me believe otherwise.

I can not deny, however, that over the years I have not felt a strong sense of resentment towards life, but in hindsight I realize that this was part of the process of growth and acceptance. Today, however, I can see with absolute clarity perfection in anything. All my tears, as well as everything that happened at the time, was to take place at that precise moment with those exact mode. My parents died on the day, date and time on which they were to die, and I have not been a victim of any divine punishment.

To say that “things could have gone differently” is, in my opinion, just a waste of breath, because it is obvious that if they went that way, they could not take place otherwise. Life is not what the whims of our Ego would like it to be, but flows carefree without worrying about what our ego wants. It’s how we face it that makes the difference! It’s up to us to be able to see the beauty and perfection that surrounds us, even if sometimes the splendor lurks in the darkness. You need to go into the darkness, to accept it as part of life, embrace it and then illuminate it with your light. Only then can we grasp its magnificence. Receiving it allows us to grow and continue forward in our Way, rejecting it, on the other hand, does not cause nothing but grief, suffering and frustration and, of course, takes us away from the path that we must follow. There is no “good” or “bad”, there are only events and their interpretation.

We create our own reality and, later on, we use it as best we can. Let’s make sure we use it well.

Each one of us carries within herself the magic and, if we stopped wearing the clothes of the victims who inhabit a world that works against them, we could see doors where before there were only walls. We have everything we need to move forward in a certain existential moment and if we believe , for example, that we need something that does not exist yet, be assured that we have every single tool – material and otherwise – that will allow us to procure that something.

Do we want money? The world is full of money! And each of us has the means to procure, honestly, what he needs. Do we want love? There is enough love for everyone and every person deserves to be loved – as long as they are aware of deserving it. The road to happiness is not made of excuses like “I miss this” or “I miss that other”, but of concrete actions that allow us to take advantage of the abundance of the world. Let’s look around carefully, we will hear things that we have never heard and we will see things that we have never seen… what we need is around us. Here and Now!